Use Rosewood to Improve grip

Read this for how I set up my beloved X100T.

I've found a great grip for the X100T. As an alternative to leather half cases and other grips, it retains a small profile. It is unobtrusive, grippy and best of all it is made from a natural material.

For a long time I've used the Gariz Leather case to improve grip, though I've always had some issues with the leather case making the camera too thick.  Enter the Rosewood grip.

It is an aluminum base plate with a rosewood grip attached to it.  The wood itself has a coat of varnish on it and is something I believe that will develop a nice patina over time.  Comparing to other wood cases like the JB, I like this one better because the bottom plate sits flush with the body of the camera, making it taller but not wider.  The plate also has opening for battery compartment access.  For me, this case strikes a great balance on the X100T when it comes to usability.  Oh, should I also need to mention that it looks stunning?  They're available in Black and Silver, so far Amazon is the only place that I can find that carries it.

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