Ricoh GR II - Unabashingly direct

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If the Fujifilm X100T was the argyle wearing soft spoken scholar, then the Ricoh GR would be his young mingling party going brother. And rightfully so. With the focusing of the Fujifilm X100T not being built for run and gun and the size of it being too big for the pocket, it is the go to camera for when I want excellent image quality without any of the bulk of a big camera.

I use the Ricoh GR II the exact same way as I use the GR I, the upgrades to the GR II doesn't make the GR I obsolete at all.

The first words comes to mind when I describe the Ricoh GR II to anyone is that the camera is "in-your-face". I often turn on the on camera flash and photograph my subjects from a few feet away. The small size and the ordinary look of the camera also helps to disarm my subjects as I approach them and shoot them at a close distance.

I used the camera extensive on my latest trip to Tokyo, creating a series with only this small compact.

For portraits, the camera can be used for some light work as well. It is a very versatile camera that allows the user to be very close to the subject, creating a directness and intimacy. I have been taking the Ricoh GR on to my celebrity shoots. The camera always gets them curious because they rarely see small cameras such as this used to take professional photos of them. This is also another way to enhance interactions with the subjects.

Brie LarsonBrie Larson

The accessories are relatively simple for this camera compared to the X100T. I've done a lot of comparison and finally came up with something that worked best for me.

The camera:

Ricoh GR II - The successor to Ricoh GR, it adds Wifi and a bigger buffer versus the pervious version.

The accessories:

Ricoh GW-3 and GH-3 21mm wide angle adapter - This setup turns the 28mm equiv. of the Ricoh GR into a 21mm ultra wide angle camera. The GW-3 is the wide angle lens while the GH-3 is the adapter used to connect the two.

Ricoh GV-2 viewfinder - I used this extensively while I was in Tokyo. Through the entire trip I used only the Ricoh GR with the viewfinder. The viewfinder allows me to turn off the screen and shoot entirely without looking at it, making it for a very organic experience.

Wrist strap - I bought this wrist strap while I was in China. I was told it was a part of the Vanguard bags they were selling. The strap mounts at 2 points on the camera and it give me a better grip onto the camera comparing the the single mount point wrist straps.

Ulysses leather camera case - This case is made from the highest quality Vaqueta leather from Italy.  I have attached a strap to 2 lug points and it allows me to hang it across my chest, enabling me to put the camera away when I need to and have it still close by to my body.

Extra batteries - While not as power hungry as the X100T, those small cameras still uses power much faster than a DSLR, so it's always a good idea to have several with you.
Expert shield screen protector - The GR has a plastic cover built into the case that can be replaced by the manufacturer, but it's still easier to have a screen protector just incase.

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